Pastor Scott T. Lewis

Rev. Scott T. Lewis entered the ministry at the age of eighteen as a full-time evangelist. For twelve years, Rev. Lewis preached in tent revivals, rallies and extended meetings lasting as long as fifteen weeks, building a reputation for anointed and dynamic preaching. While evangelizing across the United States, he witnessed miracles, healing and the salvation of thousands of people.

In May 5th of 1995, Rev. Lewis moved to West Houston, assuming the pastorate of Calvary Tabernacle with a unanimous vote of seventeen members. The name was later changed to, The Pentecostals of West Houston in 1997.

God has anointed Pastor Lewis with a passion to communicate the vision of revival for the West Houston community and a passion for doctrinal teaching which has become the identifying trademark for POWH, one of the fastest growing churches in Houston. Pastor Lewis continues to lead the congregation of approximately 400 members to serve West-Houston in its fullest capacity.

Pastor Lewis is an ordained minister with the United Pentecostal Church International and Serves as Presbyter for
the Houston Metro West Section of
the South Texas District UPCI .